College Students Council/SNA

Student Nurses Association

The students (ANM, GNM & B .Sc. courses) pursuing nursing education are the members of Student Nurses Association. A unit of SNA registered under Trained Nurses Association India (TNAI) at New Delhi in the year 2016 for promotion of curricular & extra-curricular activities at collegiate, inter-collegiate and national level in order to develop social, cultural and spiritual enrichment of students. The SNA meetings are being held to discuss various aspects related cultural programs, sports / games, and also workshop, conference, educational tours etc.

College Students Council

The College Students Council is being formed as per the guidelines of MUHS Nasik. Through this Council, the students actively take part in MUHS curricular & extra-curricular activities at inter-collegiate and national level.

Student Welfare measures

As per MUHS Nasik & Indian Nursing Council New Delhi, the institute has Student Welfare Committee to promote student welfare, advice and support. The primary goals of Student Welfare Committee are –
  • To arrange for congenial living environment in the campus including Hostel.
  • To monitor day to day essential support for academic and co-curricular activities.
  • To arrange special care for weaker and needy sections of students.
  • To prepare plan and execute program for holistic development of students.
  • To arrange for maintenance of students discipline in the campus.
To achieve the above goals, the institute has established College Students Council / Student Nurses Association, Hostel & Mess Committee, Anti-ragging Committee, Internal Complaints committee, Committee, Grievance red-ressal Committee etc. As a result, the measures with regard to Student Welfare are –
  • Ragging free campus
  • Immediate Grievance red-ressal to academic issues
  • Immediate red-ressal to Sexual Harassment
  • Provision of adequate physical facilities for conducive learning
  • Mentor and Mentee (MM) Scheme for Slow Learner (SL) / Advanced Learner (AL)
  • Guidance for weaker sections of students to help out better academic achievement
  • Counselling to students with emotional / psychological issues
  • Organization / participation in Health Programs / Camps and other Extension Activities
  • Participation in Sports & games and Cultural Programs at Collegiate.


  • To help student to uphold the dignity and ideals of profession for which they are qualifying.
  • To promote a corporate spirit among students for common goal.
  • To furnish nurse in training with advice in their course of study leading up to professional activities.
  • To encourage leadership ability and help student to gain a wide knowledge of the nursing profession in all its different branches and aspect.
  • To increase students social contacts and general knowledge of the nursing profession in all it's different branches and aspect.
  • To encourage both professional and recreational meeting, games and sports.
  • To provide operation section in the nursing journal of India for the benefits of students.
  • To encourage students to compete for prize in the student nurse exhibition and to attend National and regional conferences.


  • Organisation of meeting and conferences
  • Maintenance of SNA diaries, exhibitions
  • Public speaking and writing, project undertaking
  • Socio cultural and recreational activities
  • Propagation of nursing profession fund raising


1. Proffesional
  • International liprosy day
  • World cancer day
  • International women's day
  • World tuberculosis day
  • World health day
  • Nurses day
  • World breastfeeding day
  • World mental health day
  • World immunization day
  • World AIDS day
  • Seminars
  • Teachers day
  • Workshops
  • Lamp lightning ceremony
2. Social
  • Ganesh puja
  • Saraswati puja
  • Diwali festival
  • Christmas
  • Lamp lightning ceremony
3. Cultural
  • Annual cultural day
  • Saraswati puja
  • Diwali festival
  • Christmas
  • Lamp lightning ceremony
4. Sports
  • Annual sports day
  • Student to participate in spot conducted by State SNA