Reserach Commitee


the purpose of college of nursing faculty brand for research is to support specific project by faculty member, particularly where outside support is difficult to obtain or where such a grant may be expected to lead to further external support.


  • To maintain the highest level of research material in college..
  • To keep all requirement of research in college.
  • To maintain good quality of research material.
  • To provide proper knowledge to the student in research material oriented programs.
  • To prepare a plan for purchasing new research material.


  • 1.Mrs. Shakuntala Nagraj - Principal
  • 2. Mrs. Brindalakshmi - Vice Principal
  • 3. Mr.Kashinath Sajjan - Lecturer
  • 4. Mr. Anand Heralgi - .Associate Professor
  • 5. Mr. Avinash Shinde- Nsg. Tutor