Compassionate Care in Nursing

Confidence & Capability: Built on Science & Practice

A modern, people-first focus to nursing

The knowledge, empathy, and clinical experience you develop throughout your program help define your future as a nurse. You will learn how to deliver effective, safe, and compassionate patient care.

Find Your “Why”

Your SSCONT education starts with your why—where you want your career to go after graduation. It’s more than what you want to do; it’s how you want to show up beside your patients. At SSCONT, you learn the what of nursing and the how of compassionate care.

Compassion is a dynamic skill, a kind of muscle, not just a static character trait. You can train to be more compassionate. Studying nursing at SSCONT means learning the theory and scientific evidence behind clinical best practices. One of these evidence-based best practices is compassionate care, so at SSCONT you develop your capacity to provide compassion-led care.

A New Model for Care: I Care Compassionately

Think of SSCONT, I Care Compassionately model as your roadmap to compassionate care in clinical settings. This model combines nursing, psychological, and sociological concepts and includes these fundamental values:
  • Inclusivity : You accept yourself and others with an open mind and positive attitude, free from judgment or criticism.
  • Character : You model integrity by demonstrating ethical behaviors towards yourself and others.
  • Accountability : You own your knowledge, abilities, actions, and behaviour.
  • Respect : You intentionally consider another person’s interests and well-being.
  • Excellence: You combine your knowledge, skills, and attitudes to demonstrate high quality, compassionate, and authentic care to all people.
  • Compassion : You harness this mental skill to recognize the feelings and emotions of yourself and others, which helps you to respond authentically.