Clinical Learning Lab

Bridge the Gap between Theory & Practice

Build your clinical skills

Theory is not enough. Nursing is a complex, real-world skill. You bring science and theory together as you care for patients in real time—watching, judging, taking action, and observing results.

At SSCONT, you build a bridge between theory and practice in a sequence of safe, supervised steps. You take your first step in the clinical learning lab.

Active Learning in an Encouraging, Engaging Environment.

  • Your clinical learning lab is a midway step between the classroom and a clinical site. You will work with life-like manikins or patient simulators. In here, however, you focus on practicing isolated skills over and over until you do them safely.
  • You work independently or with a small group in the clinical learning lab—always under the guiding eye of an experienced nursing instructor.
  • When you know how to do clinical skills, your attention can move to observing, thinking, communicating with your team, and reacting to the clinical situation as it changes. You learn individual skills here that come together in your clinical experiences, simulation, and, eventually, in your professional practice as a nurse.
  • As you work in the lab, you begin to understand and articulate how to care for patients and why. Your instructors help you turn theory and evidence into nursing practice.