Advisory Committee

The Activity of the college of Nursing is guided by the following Principle

  • Public University must be responsive to societal need.
  • Teamwork and partnership are essential to long-term success.
  • Educational programs and University services must be relevant and of the highest quality.
  • Diversity of opinion should be valued and embraced.
  • Community support is essential to sustain high quality educational experience.


  • To work together to build strong foundation of support and communication between the community.
  • To identify opportunities for support the college activity.
  • To serve as advocates for the College of nursing.


  • 1. Mr. Vasant Y. Sawant - President
  • 2. Mr. Nikhil Vasant Sawant - Secretary
  • 3. Mrs. Shakuntala Nagraj - Principal
  • 4. Mrs. Brindalakshmi - Vice Principal
  • 5. Mr. Avinash Shinde - Nsg.- Tutor
  • 5. Mr. Dhanraj Kharat - Nsg.- Tutor