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Vishakha Committee


  • To prevent discrimination and sexual harassment by promoting general Amity among student and staff.
  • To lay down procedure for the prohibition, resolution settlement and prosecution of act form of discrimination and sexual harassment by the student and staff.
  • To deal with cases and discrimination and sexual harassment against student faculty member or staff in time Mount Manor aiming at ensure support services to those alleging abuse or harassment of any kind.
  • To recommend appropriate punitive action against the alleged perpetrator.


  1. Mrs. Shakuntala Nagraj- Chairman
  2. Mrs. Brindalakshmi- Member
  3. Mr. Dhanraj Kharat- Member
  4. Miss. Priyanka Pawar- Member
  5. Mrs. Pranali Kadam- Member
  6. Miss. Prajakta Bandkar- Student
  7. Miss. Reshma Jangale- Student