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Introduction :

SNA is nationwide organisation established in 1929. Students actively participate at college SNA, state SNA and Central SNA unit

Our institute has SNA unit consists of office the others elected by student community activity or organisation and conducted by office bearers under the guidance of SNA advisory and the principal.

Every student become of SNA Sri saraswathi college of nursing after admission to nursing course.

The SNA tries hard for unliftment of student through professional, educational, extra curricular activities.

In executive board meeting the board members meet together and plan the activities of 4 year under the guidance of SNA President and advisor. the executive committee meet regularly to plan and discuss about various activities.

in general body meeting is conducted once in two month, where the students Express their views and problems. The participant and winner of various competitions are congratulated.


To help student to uphold the dignity and ideals of profession for which they are qualifying.

To promote a corporate spirit among students for common goal.

To furnish nurse in training with advice in their course of study leading up to professional activities.

To encourage leadership ability and help student to gain a wide knowledge of the nursing profession in all its different branches and aspect.

To increase students social contacts and general knowledge of the nursing profession in all it's different branches and aspect.

To encourage both professional and recreational meeting, games and sports.

To provide operation section in the nursing journal of India for the benefits of students.

To encourage students to compete for prize in the student nurse exhibition and to attend National and regional conferences.

Activities :
A wide variety of activities are encouraged at unit zonal state and international level for the SNA member which include

  • Organisation of meeting and conferences
  • Maintenance of SNA diaries, exhibitions
  • Public speaking and writing, project undertaking
  • Socio cultural and recreational activities
  • Propagation of nursing profession fund raising

SNA activities are grouped as follows :

1. Professional

  • International liprosy day
  • World cancer day
  • International women's day
  • World tuberculosis day
  • World health day
  • Nurses day
  • World breastfeeding day
  • World mental health day
  • World immunization day
  • World AIDS day
  • Seminars
  • Teachers day
  • Workshops
  • Lamp lightning ceremony

2. Social :-

  • Ganesh puja
  • Saraswati puja
  • Diwali festival
  • Christmas

3. cultural:-

  • Annual cultural day
  • Lamp lighting ceremony
  • Freshers day
  • Farewell for outgoing students

4. Sports:-

  • Annual sports day
  • Student to participate in spot conducted by State SNA


  1. Mrs. Shakuntala Nagraj- SNA  President
  2. Mrs. Pranali Kadam- SNA Adviser
  3. Ms. Reshma Jangle- Vice- President
  4. Mr. Hardik Kamble- Secretory
  5. Ms. Reshma Sawant- Treasurer


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