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Local Managing Committee


To ensure effective utilisation of resources for the attainment of goal and
decision regarding
  • what activities are to be performed
  • By whom to be performed
  • Where these are carried out


  • To provide efficient social life to nurses and thus prepare them in the art of living together
  • To bring School of college and community closer to each other
  • To prepare the nurse for some specialised vocation
  • To help the nurse in unfolding, blossoming of personality
  • To enable the nurse the right of philosophy in life
  • To conserve all the good practices and convent of the pas


  1. Mr. Vasant Y. Sawant- President
  2. Mr. Nikhil Vasant Sawant- Secretary
  3. Mrs. Shakuntala Nagaraj- Principal
  4. Mrs. Brindhalaxami M.- Vice Principal
  5. Mrs. Patani Avaniben Kanubhai- Lecturer