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Grievance Committee


  • To state the clear and fair process for student to raise a grievance and to identify the member of staff responsible for setting the grievance..
  • To realise the primary needs of student and staff and secure civil liberties for everybody.
  • To find solution for problem like tagging, sexual harrassment.


  • To state clear and fair process of student to raise a grievance..
  • Identify member of staff responsible for setting the grievance.
  • Realise the primary needs of the student and staff.
  • Secure civil liberties for all student and staff.


  1. Mr. Vasant Y. Sawant- Chair person
  2. Mr. Nikhil Vasant Sawant- Secretary
  3. Mrs. Shakuntala Nagraj- Principal
  4. Mrs. Madhuri Mishal- Member
  5. Mrs. Patani Avaniben Kanubhai- Member
  6. Ms. Tejashree Dattaram Patkar- Member
  7. Ms. Priyanka Sarmalkar- Student
  8. Mr. Hardik Kamble- Student


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  • Admission open 2020-21 B.Sc.Nursing and RANM Nursing

  • Campus interview was held on 07-10-2020 by KOKILABEN DHIRUBHAI AMMBANI HOSITAL, all girls are selected.